Designers have addressed climate change in academia for almost three decades now, and it's time to take stock of this work from a cross-institutional and student-centered perspective. The goal of this project is to highlight the diversity of student projects considering that academic institutions are already very good at promoting their own distilled selection of climate related works. 
Situated between Instagram and the institutional monograph, we hope that the project will allow trends and tendencies to rise to the surface without flattening the work. 
We invite viewers to explore the projects to expand and challenge their conception of what climate change means for design, and to reach out and contact students across disciplines and across schools whose work you find provocative.
This project was begun as an extension of the cross-institutional letter found at, and is facilitated by Kira Clingen, Alex Distefano, Ben Hackenberger, Zoe Holland and Jonathan Kuhr at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. 
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